LinkedIn Skills: Do You Need to Specify Them?

Finding vacancies and employers nowadays is, first of all, working with social networks. One of the effective networks today is LinkedIn. This is a professional network that helps to find potential employees, expand the network of relevant contacts. Moreover, it engages in expert discussions and recent developments in the professional field. The use of this network is increasing every year.

Why Is It Important to List Your Skills in a LinkedIn Profile?

LinkedIn is the most important career-oriented social media channel. If you want to find a good job, register a profile on LinkedIn. Our professional LinkedIn resume writers can offer assistance. They will create an account, write down all the details, and describe you as a good employee.

The “Recommended Skills” section is usually the main part of the profile. Here you need to list your professional skills. And other network users can view it at any time.

As it is known, the skills are an integral characteristic of a specialist. They include social, personal, moral and ethical, emotional and volitional, communicative, business, organizational, etc., qualities. The skills of a specialist are based on knowledge of the basic, professionally-oriented, and humanities sciences, abilities to perform professional duties. In addition, the specialist must:

  • have a high level of actual professional activity in the chosen field;
  • be able to design their further professional development;
  • have the skills of moral and legal responsibility for the quality and results of work.

An important indicator of the formation of skills necessary for work is the professional thinking of the specialist. Currently, professional thinking is usually considered in two aspects. In the first – when young professionals come to a new job, seek to identify the acquired professional qualification level. Here we are talking about the peculiarities of thinking, which reveal its qualitative aspect. In another – when trying to express the peculiarities of own thinking, due primarily to the nature of the professional activity. However, the concept of ‘professional thinking’ is used simultaneously in two outlined meanings.

When filling out your LinkedIn profile, try to carefully write your habits section. Employers study it especially carefully before deciding on cooperation.

How to Properly Manage Your Skills in LinkedIn?

As practice shows, it is not difficult to manage skills in a LinkedIn profile. The interface of the platform is quite convenient and clear. You can add skills by opening a profile and going to the “Recommended Skills” section. There you should find the button “Add a new skill” and make the necessary changes.

There is also another convenient way to add the necessary skills. Following it, you need to go to your profile and find the button “Add a new section”. It is usually located in the upper right corner of the page. Open the “Skills” tab and click the plus button. This will allow you to add a new skill.

Pay attention that after creating a LinkedIn skills section, you can make certain changes if required. Editing the list is easy. Just go to the profile and open the “Recommended Skills” section. Then find the pencil icon, click on it and start editing.

LinkedIn experts recommend placing the most important professional skills at the top of the list. This will help draw the employer’s attention to your profile. The function of highlighting the necessary skills is available. Use it to distinguish the most important skills from the less important ones.

What Skills Should Be Included in the Profile?

The following are basic skills with examples. They must be included in your profile. Employers pay attention to the presence of such skills in the first place.


Today, analytics is an extensive and complex system of knowledge, part of which are other sciences:

  • Logic (the science of the laws of correct thinking);
  • Methodology (system of principles, methods, and techniques of cognitive activity);
  • Heuristics (science that discovers new in various spheres of life);
  • Computer science (the science of information, ways to obtain it, accumulation, processing, and transmission).

Analytical activity is a direction of intellectual activity of people, which is aimed at solving problems that arise in various spheres of life. The main categories of employees who constantly deal with analytics are:

  • Management staff;
  • Members of the labor collective;
  • Accountants, economists, financiers;
  • Internal auditors, etc.

But analytical skills are important for every person today. They represent a system of cognitive procedures with the help of which knowledge is extracted from practice. Here are some basic analytics skills that should be included in your LinkedIn profile:

  • Conducting research;
  • Solving complex problems;
  • Substantiated data analysis;
  • Critical thinking;
  • Consulting.


Dynamic changes in the market environment encourage the reorientation of the economy to the values ​​of business development, where the key to success is active innovation activity. To conduct large-scale research, the subjects of market relations are united in associations, consortia, clusters, and other organizational and legal forms. This allows to increase the resource base and increase the efficiency of scientific and technical research. The key to success is intelligence, competencies, values, innovation, and models.

Effective methods of economic activity are generated through the interaction of existing knowledge and the constant search for new economic patterns. And this, in turn, is the basis for innovative business development.

Not everyone can be effectively involved in business activities. This requires special skills, including:

  • Delegation skills;
  • Communication skills;
  • Strategic thinking skills;
  • Critical and analytical thinking skills;
  • Successful financial management skills.

If you have such business skills, don`t forget to indicate this in your profile.


Communication is the main means of transforming a person from a biological being into a socially adapted personality. Through communication, a person learns social experience, moral and ethical norms of behavior. Knowledge and experience are transferred, various skills and abilities are formed, etc., during communication.

Communication is a professionally significant, essential aspect of communicative readiness to carry out professional activities. Communication is a necessary condition of human activity. The psychological climate in the organization and organizational and industrial mobility depends on it. Properly organized communication provides an effective exchange of information, predicts the features of further business interaction with a partner.

Communication skills are readiness for professional communication activities. They include:

  • Speech or verbal communication;
  • Non-verbal communication;
  • Orientation in the situation;
  • Social perception;
  • Creating creative well-being;
  • Possession of professional attention, etc.

Rest assured that such skills are extremely important in any type of activity. If you have such skills, write about this on Linkedin.

IT Skills

The experts of indicate that specialists with IT skills are in great demand in the labor market since IT extends to all areas of social life. The demand for such workers is due to the development and spread of information technology infrastructure. Computerization of production, automation of systems, distribution of personal devices and devices, etc. This is only a small part of what the need for IT specialists is connected with. Information and communication technology indicators are often used to determine the extent of infrastructure prevalence. However, they cover a slightly broader area, including also telephony and telecommunication systems.

Today it is very beneficial to have good IT skills, such as:

  • Data storage and management systems;
  • Database administration;
  • Data presentation;
  • Software development;
  • Providing technical support, etc.

It is great if you have such skills. You will surely find a good job.


Management is a process aimed at achieving the goals of the organization. It is carried out by streamlining the transformation of source substances or resources into the necessary results. As it is known, managers primarily affect the main element of the organization – people. They coordinate their activities. Management efficiency is defined as the ratio of performance and resources.

Managers who manage without the necessary scientific knowledge are forced to rely only on experience, intuition, and luck. However, many people lack experience. They work better and achieve better results if they know the theory of management and skillfully apply their skills in practice.

Here is a list of management skills that are valued by employers:

  • Conducting meetings;
  • Planning;
  • Setting goals;
  • Motivating employees;
  • Management of job execution;
  • Control over the execution of tasks;
  • Mentoring;
  • Coaching;
  • Leadership.

List a few of these skills in your profile. This will increase your chances of getting a decent job.


Marketing is an integrated and multi-vector phenomenon. This is a combination of different activities (economic, information and communication, management, analytical). Training in the field of marketing requires continuous contact with practice, tracking the latest trends. In addition, a constant study of the current market situation is required.

Not everyone has marketing skills that include the following:

  • Social media;
  • Public relations;
  • Media planning;
  • Market research;
  • Internet marketing, etc.

If you have these and other marketing skills, then this is a big plus.

Fill out your LinkedIn profile in detail and indicate your professional skills. You will receive a good job position!

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