Resume Title: How to Write It Correctly?

According to professional resume writers, a resume is the main document of a job seeker when looking for a job. It is a summary of the facts about own background and professional experience that are most important to a potential employer.

There is no universal resume format. The main thing in a resume is its informativeness, meaningfulness, and readability. In the modern economy, you should represent yourself from your best side. Creating a successful resume will surely help you define yourself correctly in the job market. A resume provides an employer with valuable information about an employee. Therefore, it is rightfully considered the basic document used when applying for a job.

Thus, a well-written resume is an efficient job search tool. It is unlikely that today there is at least one serious vacancy for which there is no need to write a resume. Office and work specialties require it. The main purpose of writing any resume is to interest the employer and get an invitation for an interview.

When writing a resume, you need to remember that it will become your business card and should set you apart from the huge stream of people looking for work. So, if you don’t know how to write it properly, you should take a professional resume help or just read our article.

What Is a Resume Title and What Is Its Main Purpose?

The resume title is rightfully called one of the basic fields. The name of the resume is the first thing that the employer sees. In the face of fierce competition for jobs, the employer will choose among those candidates who have identified their tasks and requests. Therefore, the title of your resume should be succinct, clear, and concise. It should be no more than one sentence and briefly describe how valuable you are as a worker.

The purpose of the title includes three main aspects:

  • describe you as a strong candidate for the position;
  • emphasize your main strengths;
  • motivate the employer to send you an invitation to an interview.

Where to Place a Resume Title According to the Requirements?

Like headlines in the news, the resume title should be placed at the top of the document. In particular, on the first page, next to the contact information. Experts of our online service recommend editing the title in the form of a banner. In addition, it is important not to place anything above the title, except for brief contact information.

Tips for Creating an Interesting Resume Title

If you need to create a good title for your resume, check out the tips below from the experts of

  • if you are applying for a specific vacancy, its heading and short description becomes a title for your resume;
  • if you are ready to consider several related positions (engineer, chief engineer), write this list in your resume title. Do not include too different positions in the title of one resume (programmer, accountant, driver), even if you are ready to occupy all these positions in this company;
  • different job titles may be used to perform the functionality you are applying for. In this case, you should put them in brackets. It is not recommended to write the required positions separated by commas. This may be a disturbing signal for an HR specialist – the candidate himself does not know what he is looking for;

If you do not know the name of a vacancy, clearly outline your professional area of ​​interest—for example, an IT specialist, a food sales specialist, a bank employee.

It is allowed to transfer the title of the vacancy or the desired position to the item “Purpose”. The main thing is that you should say what position you want to get at the very beginning of your resume.

Features of Writing a Resume Title for People With and Without Work Experience

If you are an experienced professional, you will be able to find the right words to create a good title for your resume. Just try to demonstrate your professionalism and full compliance with the requirements established by the employer for the applicant. Here are several examples of how experienced professionals design a resume title:

  • Field of administration: Assistant manager with 11+ years of experience and confident skills in planning, coordination, and management of office tasks;
  • Retail: General manager of the store with experience in preventing losses;
  • Marketing: Top campaign manager and an award-winning marketer.

Don’t worry if you don’t have experience yet or have little experience. You can also write a good headline. Just try to describe your most valuable professional qualities. Write accurately, replace general phrases using keywords. For example, replace the word ‘specialist’ with ‘assistant’ or ‘marketer’, etc.

Here are some good resume headlines for beginners. You can use them as a basis for writing your unique title:

  • Field of administration: Graduate with honors and internship experience in the banking structure;
  • Retail: Beauty consultant familiar with basic sales methods;
  • Marketing: Marketer, focused on the client and able to quickly master new technologies.

Common Mistakes in Writing a Resume Title

Some mistakes are often made when writing a resume title. Pay special attention to them and try to avoid them in your paper:

  • do not write your autobiography. The purpose of the title is to attract the attention of the employer. Don’t tire the recruiter with your headline. It is enough to write only one sentence, but to present there the most relevant information;
  • avoid common phrases. The length of the title is just one sentence. If you use some general phrases, it will not attract the attention of the worker. Therefore, try to be specific and clear, avoid using general phrases. The title should be based on key phrases;
  • create different headlines for different vacancies. Do not write the same headlines in all resumes for vacancies that interest you. Of course, this will require you to spend time and effort, but it is a very important condition of successful resume writing. Examine the vacancy, highlight your main professional qualities, and indicate them in the title. Due to this, you will be an ideal candidate for the vacancy.

Examples of Resume Titles Divided by Industries

The following are examples of good headlines. They are divided into industries for ease of search. Find an example of a title that suits you best and create your unique one based on it.

Accounting Resume Titles

  • Director of personnel management with 8 years of experience;
  • Personnel administration specialist, personnel inspector;
  • Specialist with excellent skills in administration and scaling of corporate networks.

Resume Headings for Arts

  • Experienced teacher of fine arts, who uses interactive technologies in teaching;
  • Graphic designer, the illustrator with knowledge of graphics packages Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and Indesign;
  • Methodist in teaching music, performing arts with elements of choreography.

Engineering Resume Titles

  • Design engineer with experience in a construction company;
  • Occupational safety and fire safety engineer with extensive work experience;
  • Chief engineer in the field of power generation.

Finance Resume Titles

  • Assistant auditor, financier, controller;
  • Accountant, financial manager, tender specialist;
  • Lead budgeting specialist / financial analyst with good budgeting and planning skills.

Resume Headings for Marketing

  • Digital marketing manager with business analytics skills;
  • Marketing manager with experience in increasing sales by 50%;
  • Senior marketing manager with experience in organizing large-scale online campaigns;

Resume Headings for Nursing

  • Nurse with experience in a medical institution 1 year;
  • Patient care nurse;
  • Social worker, the nurse with deep knowledge in the field of social protection;

Resume Headings for Sales

  • Sales manager with knowledge of sales technologies, negotiation skills;
  • Sales expert with experience in finding and attracting customers;
  • Sales specialist with good organizational skills.

Technology Resume Titles

  • Specialist in software development technology;
  • Expert in audio and video content creation technology;
  • Programmer with knowledge of HTML, Javascript, SQL, Photoshop.

Resume Headings for Trade Worker

  • Sales consultant with good communication skills;
  • Head of the Department of Documentary Operations (trade finance) with extensive experience;
  • Sales representative with experience in sales, wholesale.

Read the information provided in this overview and see examples. We hope that this will help you to write a quality resume headline. If you have any difficulties, do not forget that our experts are ready to complete any task!

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