Job Search Engines: Top 12 Online Platforms

Recruiting is an important business process. Its result determines the success of the company, the style of its activities, corporate power, and overall aesthetics. Each job seeker is part of this complex process. But how does he get involved in this process? What means does he use to get hired?

The Internet as a Modern Job Search Tool

The Internet is confidently leading among the modern tools for finding a necessary niche in the labor market. The user usually makes a request “Find a job” in the search bar. In the search results, many links to specialized portals that have a database of current vacancies appear. Today, about 70% of citizens use such resources to study the real labor market and find a suitable job.

The Internet has an advantage over the classic tools for finding the desired ads (newspapers, magazines, street information stands, etc.). It lies in the fact that with its help, the employer can quickly and practically without financial costs select suitable candidates for a specific position. Using job search sites’ options, job seekers can explore professional fields and fill them with fresh in-demand vacancies. In addition, they have the opportunity to publish a resume, respond to a position they like with a cover letter to the resume. Everyone can read helpful articles on employment and more. Such a job search process becomes more purposeful and targeted, systematic and personalized.

On such portals, there is a high-quality connection between the parties: employers and applicants. After studying the candidate’s resume, the HR manager provides an answer to e-mail, a phone call, etc. HR managers often offer to complete a test task or send a portfolio of works to assess professional skills. Therefore, by the interview procedure, it is already possible to determine the success of the upcoming meeting. After all, the multistage search for work via the Internet allows you to build competent steps and find a job that matches the level of qualifications and personal ambitions. This saves time and resources.

List of The Best Job Search Engines

But how to navigate the existing job portals to quickly find a reliable and interesting job? Our professional resume writers have compiled a list of the top 12 sites to make your search easier. According to the best writers of, every person visiting one of the platforms described below has a chance of finding a good job. Therefore, try to carefully review the information provided.

Indeed offer a unified search for job sites and recruiting agencies on the Internet. The applicant can post a resume and search for vacancies published on specialized employment resources and numerous sites in different directions.

HeadHunter is the leading and one of the largest sites in this area. There is a huge database of vacancies on the vastness of the site – fresh, relevant, and diverse. Projects that the portal deals with include the following:

  • Career for Young Professionals;
  • Talent Assessment;
  • Register of Recruitment Agencies;
  • Academy (the most popular courses);
  • Career Consultant, etc.

Here you will receive useful advice on writing a resume. A virtual consultant will provide professional online consultation, offer a selection of vacancies based on your preferences.

Glassdoor is a great resource that provides recommendations for employers and job seekers. Companies and HR departments post jobs. A special section, “Tips for finding a job and building a career,” has been created for job seekers. There you can learn the secrets of a resume, learn the rules of a successful interview, assess your ‘value’ in the labor market, etc.

Convenient site options allow you to create your bank of selected vacancies and create subscriptions for easier navigation through the resource sections. Moreover, it is possible to look for answers to your questions about employment in the “Ask a question” section.

Monster is an ideal job search portal for beginners, students, interns. You can choose a job with a convenient schedule. The search bar of the site will prompt the correct entry of the position for the successful issuance of results. We would also like to mention internships as a special section of the site. The “Smart Search” option based on artificial intelligence will help you find a vacancy that suits your resume.

Ziprecruiter is intended for applicants with any professional goals, skills, and experience. The site has the option “Consultation on employment”. It allows getting an answer to any question related to a job search.

Students can find vacancies for specialists with no experience in the “Internships” section. The site contains a list of “Top 10 professions”. It facilitates the choice of activity for those applicants who have difficulty in self-determination. By clicking on the “Popular Searches” heading, the user will receive a list of sorted vacancies (work with accommodation, work from home, etc.).

CareerBuilder is a service with a bank of vacancies suitable for both job seekers with extensive work experience and students. It has a large collection of interesting articles and a section for the latest news. Vacancies are categorized by area. “Horoscope about work and career for today” is one of the interesting and unique options of the site.

Snagajob is a system for searching vacancies and resumes in a single database. There is a list of vacancies grouped by city, company, industry, profession, type of employment, and other parameters. You can view current vacancies from all popular job sites, which are updated daily. Useful articles posted on the site will broaden your horizons.

Jobs2Careers is a great job search site. The portal contains vacancies from the USA. Finding the right job saves you a lot of time. Jobs are sorted by popular categories, popular search regions, most frequently encountered requests. It is a next-generation job aggregator. The resource allows you to attract friends on social networks to find a suitable job.

FutureToday specializes in careers for top university graduates. Widgets (visual elements) of companies make it easier to get acquainted with the specifics of their activities. The portal provides information on internships. The Event Calendar announces upcoming conferences, contests, job fairs, and more.

The site has published a rating of the best employers. Therefore, young certified job seekers get the opportunity to build a career in the best and most promising companies.

Vakant assists young professionals in finding a professional career during their studies at the university and after graduation. On this site, you will find the best jobs for undergraduate and graduate internships. It also features events and programs and job search guides. By subscribing to the portal updates, you can choose a convenient way to monitor labor market events, company news, and intermediaries.


The website is the largest specialized platform in Canada for posting vacancies and searching for employees. Main areas of search: media, advertising, SMM and marketing communications, broadcasting, production and distribution of programs and films, etc.

A selection of materials on careers in the media and digital fields is very useful. It will help you understand the nuances that company representatives are guided by when choosing employees from among candidates. You will learn to search for and create professional creative projects. The resource will increase the chances of getting a job in the best creative agencies in Canada. 

Neuvoo is a job search resource that indexes current vacancies from job portals, recruitment agencies, and official company websites for free. You can search by keywords, companies, skills. Popular searches automatically refer you to vacancies in a specific field of activity.


LinkedIn deserves special attention on this list. It is a powerful tool for those looking for a job. Why? Because LinkedIn has collected in itself many of the functions that are in each platform separately. For example, like in HeadHunter, you can post your resume and track vacancies. In addition, you get such functions as meeting new people and spreading news from your professional activities. LinkedIn is a space for building your career, your brand, finding partners and clients.

How does this social network help you in your job search? There are three methods of finding a job here:

  • Through the Search button in the Jobs tab.
  • Recruiters’ feeds. Often, in addition to posted jobs, recruiters post jobs in their feed.
  • Groups. Procurement Jobs has 91,500 members, and vacancies are updated every day.

This way, you increase your chances of getting your dream job, while other platforms offer only one search method. In addition, LinkedIn promotes self-development. Here you can find various paid and free courses in project management, software development, resume editing, interviewing, and other professional topics. So even if you’re looking for a new job, LinkedIn helps you learn the skills you can put into practice and become a successful expert.

If you don’t want to search for jobs, you can create your own Linkedin profile. Thanks to this platform, you can declare about yourself, what field you work in, what interests you – as a result, recruiters themselves will offer you cooperation. Linkedin’s profile has different sectors in which you can indicate professional achievements, work experience, character traits, etc. The employer will analyze all the data, and thus you do not impose yourself on them.

Creating your LinkedIn profile takes a lot of preparation, knowledge, and time. It will be difficult for a beginner to gain recruiters’ trust, so it is better to use our LinkedIn profile writing services. What will you get as a result? First, professionals know how to highlight your strengths without bragging. Secondly, even if you have no work experience but have skills or a diploma confirming the availability of the appropriate education, experts will make this disadvantage your advantage. Thirdly, experts know what recruiters are interested in, and you will be able to receive an invitation for cooperation in the first days after registration.

Tips for Job Seekers

If you are currently looking for a job, the following tips will help you use job search engines correctly:

  • view vacancies regularly;
  • add the positions you like to the list of favorite vacancies, sorting them according to your preferences and experience;
  • create a resume, taking into account the recommendations of experienced professionals, and a cover letter for a specific vacancy;
  • send your resume along with a cover letter, having previously studied the specifics of the activities of the organization you like;
  • tidy up your social media accounts as the employer can examine the content of the posts on your pages;
  • watch training videos and read useful articles;
  • subscribe to job portals to receive targeted mailings.

Look for a job with confidence, and online platforms will definitely help you with this!

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