Farewell Email to Clients and Coworkers: Expert Tips

Every employee of a large or small company establishes connections in the team over the years. Everyone becomes a useful and sometimes indispensable member of a well-coordinated personnel mechanism. All this requires compliance with corporate ethics during work.

One of the rules when dismissing a job is to write a farewell letter to colleagues, management, and clients. The tradition of writing farewell letters is widespread today. As a rule, it is created in the following situations:

  • upon retirement;
  • when moving to a branch in another city;
  • in case of promotion to a managerial position;
  • upon dismissal.

The letter allows you to express respect, notify people of your dismissal, and timely transfer business contacts to avoid downtime. But these are not all the motives for writing a goodbye letter. Click on the link below to jump to the desired part of the article.

Reasons for Writing a Goodbye Letter to Colleagues and Management

Writing a goodbye letter can be difficult for many people. It has some features that must be followed. But at any time, everyone can get quality resume writing services and deal with the task in a matter of time. If you need support, please contact our writers. They work very efficiently and always provide the highest quality papers to clients!

And now let’s go directly to the reasons for writing a farewell letter:

  • to express gratitude to coworkers with whom you had to work for some time and who rightfully became friends and acquaintances;
  • notify employees of other departments that you are dismissing the position officially;
  • inform the team about the person who will perform your duties;
  • leave contacts (work phone, email addresses, etc.) of the person to whom you transfer your work;
  • thank the management for the opportunity to work in the company and for the experience gained in the chosen profession.

A farewell letter to coworkers and management can be considered an act of courtesy. The employee thanks to the management and expresses gratitude to the team for working together. But it’s not just sentimental feelings. In the age of corporate ethics, it is extremely important to leave a job while maintaining a good reputation. That is why you need to show courtesy and respect. After all, companies working in related fields are in contact in one way or another. Old connections and good reviews will not be superfluous for you at your new place of work.

Why Should You Write a Farewell Letter to Clients?

Many job positions involve close collaboration with clients and vendors. Therefore, when you leave work, you should also inform them about this. It looks like a manifestation of politeness and punctuality. You promptly inform about the situation, indicate the contacts of the person who will perform your duties.

Writing a goodbye letter to your clients helps you maintain good relationships with them. You may still need to work with them in the future. Therefore, do not destroy trusting relationships.

Farewell Letter Structure

A Goodbye email usually has the following structure:

  1. introduction. It is recommended to start with an appeal. This is a mandatory rule of etiquette. Next, you need to inform colleagues, management, or clients about the reason for writing the message. The employee informs that he is leaving work and indicates the reason for leaving;
  2. gratitude. This structural part is extremely important under the requirements of corporate ethics. The employee should thank his colleagues for their friendly support. It is recommended to thank the management for the experience and skills gained. In a farewell letter to customers, you should also express your gratitude for the fruitful cooperation. It is important to be sincere, but not to be overly emotional;
  3. final part. In the final part, it is important to demonstrate your willingness to help if needed. There may be a need to prepare a new employee for work. Or just provide some information.

What Style to Use in Writing: Tips from Professional Resume Writers

The best experts of our resumesontime.net note that the farewell letter can be very diverse. Therefore, the imagination of an employee who resigns is not limited. However, as practice shows, the form of farewell a letter significantly depends on the reason for dismissal. You can compose a humorous message, a poetic letter, a formal email, etc. The main thing is to be polite and sincere.

Mistakes in a Farewell Letter Writing

Mistakes are often made when writing a farewell letter to clients, colleagues, or management. Therefore, consider what to avoid in the letter:

  • it is desirable to avoid emotionally colored expressions in the letter;
  • you should not use unreliable, false information about colleagues;
  • profanity, frivolity, and rudeness are inadmissible;
  • you should avoid writing long letters. Other people’s time should be respected. However, the letter should also not be too short. Because it is unlikely to be able to convey the essence of the message.

Examples of Goodbye Emails When Leaving a Job

Below you will find good examples of farewell letters to colleagues and management, as well as clients. Examine them carefully.

Farewell Email to Coworkers and Management

Dear coworkers!

Since August 15, I have been leaving the company as the Chief Marketing Officer, which I have held for almost four years.

A new employee has been appointed to my position – Smith G. It will be possible to contact him by mail: [email protected].

The decision was made long, difficult, and thoughtful. It was adopted jointly with senior management.

After evaluating everything, a choice was made to go further, to discover new facets of education, strength, and opportunities. Now I want to try myself in a new role in life – becoming a mother and starting my own business.

I would like to thank the company that once believed in me. It allowed me to prove myself and get all the professional skills, knowledge, and abilities that I can use further. Having gained self-confidence, I now know for sure that I can go on alone.

I want to thank the marketing and advertising department staff for their professionalism, quality work, and cohesion. I will remember everything you taught me. Working with you, I got the opportunity to realize my strengths and the opportunity for further growth. I found new, real friends among you. I was glad to be your leader and to reach ever greater heights.

I am very proud to have worked for this company. I wish the company further prosperity and a great future. Each of you must strive for the best, greater, and higher.

Try to appreciate your company and team. Difficulties will be inevitable, but you will cope with all the troubles.

If I have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me by phone or mail. I am happy to help each of you.

Sincerely, Johnson K.

Goodbye Email to Clients

Dear clients!

I want to inform you that on August 21, 2020, I am dismissing the position of Head of Marketing, which I have held since March 1, 2017. This decision is not mine personally. It is dictated by the needs of the organization. I was offered the position of Deputy Director of Public Relations at another company, which I accepted. From August 22, 2020, I will take up my new responsibilities.

Waters Borden will take over as head of marketing. His phone – +44 113 564 2386

I express my gratitude to you for your competence, responsibility in the implementation of the assigned tasks. I would also like to thank you for your productive cooperation and warm attitude. I wish everyone professional growth, great achievements, and success in their work.

Best regards, Burns Wilson.

So, writing a goodbye letter to colleagues, management, and clients is an important rule of corporate ethics. It allows you to maintain good relationships with people. If you leave a job, do not forget to write a message and send it to the company by mail. Follow the recommendations of our professional writers, and you will succeed in creating a good letter. In case of any difficulties, we will be happy to help!

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