How to Add a Resume to LinkedIn? 4 Best Ways

LinkedIn is the biggest and most powerful networking platform in the world and one of the most popular websites for job hunting. This website utilizes numerous helpful tools that simplify the job-seeking process for both candidates and hiring managers. If you want to open new business opportunities, a profile on LinkedIn is a must-have. However, while creating a profile and including a resume in it, you need to consider the specifics of this website.

Although an ordinary resume and LinkedIn profile have much in common, they are not identical. A profile should display your work path and contacts to experts, businesses, communities, and organizations. You should create your LinkedIn resume according to your certain aims.

If you need to know the ways how to add a resume to LinkedIn, keep on reading.

Uploading a Resume to LinkedIn: 4 Ways

Your profile should display a more extended version of your work path, but your CV should stick to job objectives. If you optimize your profile to the keywords, hiring managers will notice you much faster. To get a more expert CV, get help at LinkedIn profile writing services like Here are the ways for uploading your resume:

1. Placing in a Featured Section

This is the most effortless option. This makes it prepared as a downloadable document. You may adjust your privacy setting and limit the users who can see and download it. For even more privacy, you can even create a few versions. One version may not involve private information about your background or contact details that you don’t want to be open to anyone, etc.

A Featured section is under your About segment. You are free to add any media, links, and posts. You may upload your resume in multiple formats.

2. Easy Apply Option

Besides adding a version to your profile, you may store a few different versions to join them fast while applying for a certain job. This is helpful if you have numerous qualifications or look for job opportunities for related positions.

You should open the Jobs Tab above and find an Easy Apply opportunity. Upload up to 5 resumes. Consider that the dates when you last employed every version will be generated automatically. This way, you are all set for any possible job opportunity and can respond to it in a few clicks.

3. Sharing as a Post

This option is not necessary, but if you share a post with your resume in your profile or community related to your sphere or competencies, you can reach more people. This step also provides valuable feedback about your qualifications. Sharing is not a guarantee of a future position, but you get the chance that word of mouth might work out.

4. No Need To Include It

This option is suitable for those whose main job-hunting platform is LinkedIn. If your profile is complete and already provides all the information that may be required from a resume, why add it? It will only be required if you apply for a certain position.

Useful Tips For Improving Your LinkedIn Resume

A resume serves as a valuable extension of the main profile. Make sure you presented yourself in the best possible light. When potential employers find your profile and click on your resume, they should find evidence of your strong abilities and qualifications. We prepared a few tips that will help you enhance your resume.

Concentrate On Your Strong Sides And Relevant Experience

Concentrate on several jobs and core skills for them. It is impossible to create a universal resume that fulfills the needs of all hiring managers. Focus on a certain field and your goals. If you are confused with this, you can use online LinkedIn profile writing services that will tailor an excellent profile that encompasses all your strongest skills and most relevant expertise.

Support Your Abilities With Numbers And Facts

Apart from creating a resume that is relevant for the desired position, you should give potential employers proof you are a perfect candidate. Simply enumerating your abilities won’t work out and make a great impression. Instead, demonstrate how these abilities helped you achieve high results in your industry. Don’t be afraid to add details here. Employers will be interested in reading about your influence on success and seeing the concrete numbers and percentages. They will also see that you took a serious approach to create your resume and that you have the listed abilities.

Answer the Possible Employer Questions

Study your resume from the viewpoint of your possible employer. Pay attention and note the questions that pop up in your mind while reading your resume. You may also look through similar resumes or typical job interview questions to find more help. Ensure it presents exhaustive answers to all the possible questions and proves you are a valuable employee for a certain position.

Wrapping Up

LinkedIn became a powerful platform to promote yourself and reach more potential employers. Consider that your profile and resume should have different aims, but ensure they both include the necessary keywords and are updated. We highly recommend attaching your resume to each job application on LinkedIn and creating a few versions depending on a desired position and requirements.


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